Blue Reef Divers, in association with Jakaranda & Louis Botha Children’s homes has started a scuba initiative to develop the skills and the self esteem of its children. The project raises awareness of the importance of protecting the aquatic environment, teaches its participants about nature, and generates more caring attitudes towards the environment. We incorporate the conservation principles of Project AWARE, an international conservation initiative, in its training material to help teach everyone about the importance of conservation.

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  • Frans Burger has been a volunteer and guest parent at the Children’s Home for more than 13 years. He has been involved with Dive for Life since 2010 and has invested much time and effort into the success of this project. Many of our children in both the Jakaranda and Louis Botha Children’s Homes have had the opportunity to qualify as divers. Frans is a PADI staff instructor and has a lot of patience with our children. If he needs to go the extra mile to help a child, he will! BRD’s has a very high standard and will not let that standard drop. You do something whole-hearted and properly or don’t do it at all. It has been and is a privileged to see how our children develop, improve and grow in this project. Diving has been a tool to help our children improve their self-esteem, self-confidence, trust in others and so much more. I would gladly recommend anyone to qualify through BRD, this quality training is not available anywhere else.

    Charlene Grobler Jakaranda Children's Home
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